Birthday Numerology is a language of numbers that has a significant effect during the time of your birth.

birthday numerologyThe birth date number is one of the most important numbers in your whole numerology chart because these numbers determine extensive knowledge about your traits and how vibratory influences may affect you.

The list of birth dates below elaborates on the traits and skills you may never have known you possess.

If your birthday is on a date higher than 9, remember to add the two numbers together to reduce down to a single number.

Example: born on the 23rd day of the month, add 2 + 3 = 5.
Read below under number 5.

birthday numerology 1Number 1

This number implies that an individual has traits of being a leader, independent with unique analytical skills. A person born on the 1st day of the month also possesses the ability to make decisions by their self and most times prefer to work alone.

If you are a number 1 person, you are probably intelligent, physically strong person with impressive power of will, you like interesting concepts and can motivate others. You are a leader, so lead people by your example.Never request for outrageous demands from people, because people have different backgrounds and upbringing and cannot be wired the exact way you would want.

birthday number 2Number 2

An individual born on this day possesses traits that are directly opposite to that of the individual in number 1. They are usually soft, romantic, clever, and creative, like to learn new skills, but amidst these interesting characteristics they are not aggressive or bold, hard and physical work doesn’t fit their nature, they also tend to be nervous in a large gathering.

If you are a number 2 person,  your mood is really changeable and a lot of decisions depend mostly on it but they are easy going, they try to understand people and are rarely moved by physical attraction, they can’t imagine love being only a physical aspect, as they appreciate understanding and mutuality the most. That is why their sexual desire is dependent on their disposition, for them its soul over body.

birthday number 3Number 3

People born on the 3rd day are naturally bold, confident, relentless and possess will-power. They are career and driven and worry about their financial status, making good impressions come naturally. They, are very energetic and won’t stop pushing until they get what they want, they don’t hesitate to take challenges head-on.

The number 3 individuals may be bossy but have excellent managerial skill and always bring out the best in their subordinates and because of the level of hard work they put in, excellent results are always realized. They also tend to lack the time for romantic relationships but when they do, they never want to lose that person.

birthday number 4Number 4

Individuals that fall on this date possess the characteristics of a hard worker with high principles, one who sets a standard for everything and stick by it. They are very loyal, enduring and reliable, and because of their dedication and focus they tend to achieve more in the professional sphere and are very employable.

Number 4 people are serious and practical and they actively try to cultivate these features in their friends, they do their best to carry everyone around them along, like the popular saying with soldiers “live no man behind” is a principle that applies to them.

birthday number 5Number 5

People with birthday number 5 are very sociable and open minded, they tends to work well with others and enjoys being around other people, they are very receptive, communicative and highly adaptable.

Number 5 enjoys going on adventures and have this craving for exploring, traveling, learning new things, carrying out research and have a high level of curiosity. Accumulation of information is like a hobby for them, this however has a downside because they tend to take in a lot of unneeded information alongside.

birthday number 6Number 6

A person who is born on the 6th day of the month is considered as a family oriented type of person, they make other people’s happiness their priority and enjoy helping others and always try to keep to whichever promises they make.

Number 6 individuals tend to flourish in certain aspects of life like; health, emotions, work relationships, they also excel in things like masseurs, therapist etc. They are usually very emotional, sentimental and kind people, but also very good listeners.

birthday number 7Number 7

People, who were born on this day are controlled by their mind all through their existence, in other words their mind is their greatest asset. Because of how developed their mind is, they possess the habit of criticizing, contemplating and second guessing or double checking everything, they can be seen as perfectionist.

Being Intellectual and knowledgeable are the key tools for Number 7 people and they solely rely on their intuition when it comes to decision making.

birthday number 8Number 8

If your birthday is on the 8th, then you can be described as a business mogul thus making you the type of individual that doesn’t lack ideas and is very creative when it involves finances.

Equal partnership is not something they are willing to partake in, they prefer to be the only person calling the shots and making decisions without consulting or waiting for the approval of a partner. Their achievements and prosperity makes the really proud and they love admiration and applause of others.

birthday number 9Number 9

A person that is born on the 9th day of the month is best described as a humanitarian, they are open minded but like everything to be perfect.

Number 9 has an in-depth sense of beauty and a thing for paintings and artwork. They are one who would succeed in the field of art. They have admirable charisma and people around you always bear positive feelings and would always want to help and support you.

birthday number 11Number 11

A person born on the 11th of the month is very inspirational. They are easily inspired and it tends to rub off on other people around them. They are dreamers but have a high level of intuition which helps them in other standing others and situations surrounding them.

Use the birthday numerology calculator to find out your number.