Daily Angel Number 604378 = 1

angel number 1The Angels urge you to put yourself first. It is important to maintain your own personal energy levels to achieve perfect health and emotional well-being. With increased energy levels you become a powerful individual. You will then be able to love and care for yourself and also others generously.

Angel Power Word:


Your Angel Number also contains #37:

Your original ideas and imaginative endeavor are the keys to your success. By following the Angels guidance associated with your creative projects you have the ability to manifest your hearts desires. Being courageous may result in great rewards and accolades. Do what you love!

Your Angel Number also contains #43:

God’s Angels are ready to take your prayers to Heaven. Prayer in any form is always heard. You may like to use formal prayers, affirmations, and benevolent requests or say your request as you light a candle.

Your Angel Number also contains #60:

Hand over any concerns that you may have about your family or a family member. Please know that the Angels are around you now, providing extra support, love and healing. You can assist the Angels by visualizing your family members being surrounded with the colors pink and green every day.

Your Angel Number also contains #78:

God hands you a golden key that unlocks a magical and fortuitous door. The Angels will assist you to walk through the door and ask that you feel excited. This opportunity allows you to tap into your creativity and genius and as a result you will not only receive recognition of your gifts and talents but also great fortune.

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