Daily Angel Number 866863 = 1

angel number 1The Angels urge you to put yourself first. It is important to maintain your own personal energy levels to achieve perfect health and emotional well-being. With increased energy levels you become a powerful individual. You will then be able to love and care for yourself and also others generously.

Angel Power Words:


Your Angel Number also contains #66:

It is very important to maintain a high energy within your home so that you feel calm and relaxed. Clear your house with sage regularly and place rose quartz specimens throughout the home to maintain a harmonious energy. Black tourmaline can also be used around the house to create a protective crystal grid. The Angels will guide you to the perfect placement of any crystals, just ask for their assistance.

Your Angel Number also contains #68:

The Abundance Angels are about to increase the flow of income into your home. The extra income could arrive in a number of different ways for example, through a pay rise, a new job, a bonus, a refund, extra income from hobbies, by reworking a budget, or sales of unwanted home items. Happy days!

Your Angel Number also contains #86:

The Angels are going to guide you to make some time for fun activities either enjoyed on your own or with family and friends. It is important to build time for fun in your life as it creates happy memories. This may also be a call to schedule a well earned holiday or break from the mundane. Embrace laughter and good times as they are like nutrients for your soul.

(This number is repeated twice. The message of this number is amplified x20!)

Your Angel Number also contains #63:

and truth. You may need assistance to see a situation or person more clearly, you may need to trust in your intuition more or perhaps you need to entrust others with responsibilities that you normally take care of. Masterful help is here!

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