Daily Angel Number 468426 = 3

angel number 3The number three represents the ‘Law of the Triangle’ and is considered most ‘Sacred and Holy’. The Angels want you to know that a highly evolved guide such as an Ascended Master or Saint is supporting you and guiding you on your path at this point in time.

Angel Power Word:


Your Angel Number also contains #68:

The Abundance Angels are about to increase the flow of income into your home. The extra income could arrive in a number of different ways for example, through a pay rise, a new job, a bonus, a refund, extra income from hobbies, by reworking a budget, or sales of unwanted home items. Happy days!

Your Angel Number also contains #26:

The Angels know that you feel empowered when you feel compassion for others. They now ask that you feel the same compassion for yourself. It is very important that you say ‘NO’ to requests that make you feel uneasy. Trust these sensations in your body as these are your inner compass!

Your Angel Number also contains #42:

The ‘Romance Angels’ are around you at the moment. They have heard your prayers associated with love. They are working behind the scenes to bring you the perfect love or to enhance the relationship that you are currently in.

Your Angel Number also contains #84:

The Angels ask that you release any old emotional beliefs you have regarding money and prosperity. These inherited emotions only bring you suffering and stress. Allow the Angels to bring you emotional healing now. The Angels know that in truth, money is purely an energetic vibration the same as love and peace. Your ‘Divine Right’ is to be prosperous, the more you have the more you can give to the world.

Your Angel Number also contains #46:

The Angels see that you are a beautiful and sensitive soul. You have a very kind nature and show a deep empathy and understanding of others. They advise you to protect yourself every day by calling in your Angels (especially Archangel Michael), to use visualisation techniques and wear protective crystals.

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