Daily Angel Number 778648 = 4

angel number 4When you see the number Four the Angels are confirming that they are near you and want you to know that they are ready to assist you to make your dreams come true. Know that the Angels always hear your thoughts and prayers. They are surrounding you with love every day.

Angel Power Word:


Your Angel Number also contains #64:

It’s time to invite the Angels into your home by creating an Angel Altar. Find a special place to set up a simple altar and dedicate it to your Angels. In no time you will feel their Angelic energy filling your home with love, comfort and security.

Your Angel Number also contains #86:

The Angels are going to guide you to make some time for fun activities either enjoyed on your own or with family and friends. It is important to build time for fun in your life as it creates happy memories. This may also be a call to schedule a well earned holiday or break from the mundane. Embrace laughter and good times as they are like nutrients for your soul.

Your Angel Number also contains #48:

The Angels have heard your prayers for financial assistance. They are asking for you to take action on intuitive sensations that they deliver as these will bring you added cash flow. You may be guided to have a garage sale, to sell something you have created or change to a new utilities supplier. Never underestimate how the Angels can bring you extra cash. Pennies from Heaven are on the way!

Your Angel Number also contains #77:

The Angels ask that you feel the wonder of God in your heart. The feeling of wonder can take you back to being a child where your imagination was unlimited and your dreams sat at the end of your fingertips. It’s time to summon your inner child so that you can expect something wonderful. Part of this manifestation is to plan something to look forward. Make a date!

Your Angel Number also contains #78:

God hands you a golden key that unlocks a magical and fortuitous door. The Angels will assist you to walk through the door and ask that you feel excited. This opportunity allows you to tap into your creativity and genius and as a result you will not only receive recognition of your gifts and talents but also great fortune.

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