Daily Angel Number 160259 = 5

You are being guided to move in a new direction. Hand over any fears and worries you may have regarding the changes that are presenting in your life right now to the Angels. Moving in a new direction will inspire adventure and will prove to be a very positive step for you.

Angel Power Word:


Your Angel Number also contains #16:

There is a spiritual blessing coming to you that will allow you to accept certain aspects of your life. The Angels are here with you to allow you to accept certain people, behaviors and other situations for what they are. Remember the only thing you are responsible for is your reaction!

Your Angel Number also contains #25:

God’s Angels are assisting you to see the patterns that you have created throughout your lifetime. You are now able to implement changes in your life based on the spiritual wisdom you have gained from past experiences and mistakes. Move forward now confidently and with gratitude, knowing that you do not have to repeat these lessons again. The real lesson is here is to trust your intuition at all times.

Your Angel Number also contains #59:

The acts of kindness that you perform for others are applauded by your Angelic team. Know that the even the simplest of deeds such as a smile or acknowledging another by saying ‘hello’ can truly make a person’s day. Your kindness creates positive change. Do not underestimate the difference you make in the world Earth Angel.

Your Angel Number also contains #60:

Hand over any concerns that you may have about your family or a family member. Please know that the Angels are around you now, providing extra support, love and healing. You can assist the Angels by visualizing your family members being surrounded with the colors pink and green every day.

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