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Name Advisor

Amplify Your Name

Name Advisor

Amplify Your Name

For Individual or Business Names

Considering names for your baby or a name change for yourself?

The Individual Name Numerology Report evaluates each name and interprets the effect the name will have on the individual.

Are you launching a new product or business?

The Business Name Numerology Report helps you choose a name that conveys the energy and influence you want your customer to feel.

  • Choose up to 24 names

  • Easy to read PDF format

  • Quickly delivered in 48 hours

Send up to 24 names.
Each one will be analyzed so you can choose the best for your needs.

Do Not combine business and personal names in one report.
Order either an individual name analysis OR a business name analysis.

Choose The Best Name For You!

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I love my reports. You are the best numerology service out there. Thank you!”
“I’m usually a little skeptical about things like this, but it really hit home! I am surprised at how accurate my reading is. 10 out of 10.”
“I absolutely love my numerology report. The info contained in my personality profile is so accurate that I’m shocked, in a good way, lol”
“Very cool insights! Uncanny accuracy. This made a believer out of an otherwise skeptic.”