Have you used the numerology calculator to find your birth number?

If so, let’s take a look at the intricacies of the life path numbers. It reveals your life’s purpose including your gifts, challenges, and abilities.

The descriptions that follow thus are not necessarily absolute for any one individual and there can be variables that play a role such as your name, date of birth, culture and upbringing. These descriptions are generic based off the vibrations of your own life path number.

Life Path 1

Number 1 people are naturally leaders. Just as 1 leads the numbering and counting system, those with this life path number usually come first in various aspects of life. They have a competitive spirit and strive to be independent in their dealings on daily basis. They aren’t scared of putting everything on the table and taking risks. They are also usually more self-indulgent and selfish.

Element: Fire (flexible, passionate, confident and active)
Planet: Sun
Astrology Sign: Leo

Life Path 2

If you have 2 as your lifepath number, you are typically going to be a peacemaker. Those with this number are very good with relationships and they’re also always looking to bring harmony and balance to every interaction and gathering they may find themselves. They have no issue with taking the front role in any situation but they are more confident with an assistant role where they can offer maximum support. This life path number indicates an individual who is business minded and passionate about projects that involve a team. This is also an intuitive number and borderline psychic.

Element: Water (intuitive, caring, accommodating and emotional)
Planet: Moon
Astrology Sign: Cancer

Life Path 3

Life path number 3 is indicative of a communicator and motivator. 3 is tagged the number of the child so this number represents individuals with a youthful view to life. They typically retain their sense of humor over the years and generally do not take too much to heart. They also are every good with words both written and spoken. Creativity and self-expression comes naturally to these people.

Element: Fire (fluid, passionate, active and confident)
Planet: Jupiter
Astrology Sign: Sagittarius and Pisces

Life Path 4

Life path number 4 describes individuals who are very inquisitive and have a passion for learning new things. They have an appreciation for details and they are very comfortable at home. It is not unusual to find 4s running a business from home. They appreciate structure and foundation and they are not the most spontaneous set of people. The downside here is that routines can be an issue for a 4 if it isn’t balanced with clearly spelled out goals and objectives.

Element: Air (intelligent, expressive and dominating)
Planet: Uranus & Rahu
Astrology Sign: Aquarius

Amazing Secrets of Your Life-Path-NumberLife Path 5

These are the adventurous group of people. They are heavily invested in action and achievement in the fastest time possible. They are travelers and love to explore. They won’t have a good time just staying put in one place for extended periods of time. They are very capable of implementing ideas in their mid and seeing it through from thought to physical manifestation. They are also leaders. The one weak point of these people is boredom. They can’t stand it.

Element: Air (smart, expressive, and dominating)
Planet: Mercury
Astrology Sign: Gemini & Virgo

Life Path 6

People with this life path number are nurturing and possess parental influences. They are typically balanced individuals both physically and mentally. They have an inherent ability to offer valuable counsel to those around them in many aspects of life. They are very creative and very rarely at a loss for artistic and creative missions. They are constantly looking for ways to express themselves in the most nurturing and caring way possible. On the other side of the coin, these people tend to be a little too overbearing with their parenting vibes and often deal with others as though they were children.

Element: Earth (grounded, pragmatic and methodical)
Planet: Venus
Astrology Sign: Taurus and Libra

Life Path 7

Lifepath 7 refers to those people who operate on a much higher spiritual level and are adept at researching new information. If you ever need to find out about a new concept, 7s are the ones to look to. 7 is a very mental number and they are often engaged in seeing deeper meanings and truths. Most 7s are comfortable being by themselves and they often live a lonesome life. They are very psychic beings and very attracted to the metaphysical world.

Element: Water (intuitive, emotional and curious)
Planet: Neptune and Ketu
Astrology Sign: Pisces

Life Path 8

These people are usually business leaders and top executives. They are in their element when they are physically and spiritually balanced. They connect very well with the physical world and often do well with the spiritual world also. Life path number 8 signifies business savviness and big ideas/plans.

Element: Earth (grounded, pragmatic and methodical)
Planet: Saturn
Astrology Sign: Capricorn & Aquarius

Life Path 9

9’s are the humanitarians with all the soul. They are determined to make the world a better place for everyone. These people will offer assistance to anyone in need as long as it contributes to the greater good. They have gone through a lot in life and are drawn to helping people in need. They enjoy creativity in problem solving and have an affinity to the arts.

Element: Fire (dynamic, confident and active)
Planet: Mars
Astrology Sign: Aries & Scorpio

Life Path 11

This is the number that represents illumination and magic. They possess all of the attributes of life path 2 but on an elevated level. 11s are highly psychic and intuitive. There is a natural enchantment with 11 folks. They are always very popular and successful in all their endeavors. They usually begin to achieve most of their success in their mid to late thirties.

Element: Water (intuitive, fluid and emotional)
Planet: Moon
Astrology Sign: Cancer

Life Path 22

A 22 is a master builder. These people have all the attributes of life path 4 but on an elevated level. They are very intuitive and also physical minded. They have an affinity for businesses and setting up businesses that will better human existence even if they aren’t the ones running it. They have a vision of an ideal world and they strive to make it reality. They are often dealing with many challenges I order to achieve their goals.

Element: Air (Intelligent, free and dominating)
Planet: Uranus & Rahu
Astrology Sign: Aquarius

Life Path 33

33 is a guru that enjoys teaching. They have all the attributes of life path 6 but on a much more elevated level. They are very intuitive n=and they have so much inbuilt potential that is very rare to see them exhibit even a fraction of what they are capable of. A lot of 33’s strive to teach the world all they know and they have a lot of knowledge. They are vessels of information and are always willing to share.

Element: Earth (grounded, pragmatic and methodical)
Planet: Venus
Astrology Sign: Taurus & Libra

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