Everything that exists in the universe resonates at a specific frequency. We learn the meanings of numerology from a person’s name and birth vibration.

It is possible to identify the major frequencies of any individual by utilizing the principles and methods of numerology. A typical numerology reading uses the established frequencies of name and birth date. With these numbers we can obtain relevant information regarding that person’s personality.

Naturally, the reduced vibrations are generic. These generic vibrations will give you an overall idea of information that can be useful. In conclusion of a numerology reading, it should be noted that the characteristics that are linked to every vibration is both positive and negative.

meanings of numerology

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Numerology Calculations

There is a basic math function that is often used in numerology. These numbers break down using simple addition.

For instance, if you consider the number 14. When you add 1 and 4 you have 5. Same way you look at the number 1984 and by adding 1, 9, 8 and 4, you get 23, and 23 can further break down by adding 2 and 3.

In numerology, all numbers can reduce down to the single numbers 1 to 9. But, 11 and 22 are not added together since they are major vibration numbers.

The letters that make up a person’s name can translate into numbers and they are added together. These numbers can then be further broken down. For instance, the letter A would stand for 1 and the letter B would stand for 2, and so on.

Here is a chart that shows all the numbers assigned to the 26 letters of the English alphabet:

Numerology Chart

meanings of numerology

A faster way to total up the numbers of your name is to use the Name Numerology Calculator, to find your destiny number.

You can use the Birth Number Calculator to find your life path number from your date of birth.

When you apply these basic principles to the numbers that make up a person’s name and their date of birth, then you can find out their major core elements.

In the meanings of numerology, the date of birth is usually the first consideration. This date is expressed in numbers and we use it to set out the life path number. There are a host of other factors that are relevant in readings to understand the meanings of numerology.

The full birth name can also convert to a numerical value. Usually the full birth name typed on the birth certificate is the name to use in numerology readings and calculations.

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