Four main numerology readings exist.

They include:

• Life path number
• The karmic number
• The soul urge number
• The expression number

The Life Path Number

The life path number is evaluated by giving a specific number value to a person’s date of birth. The date must be displayed in full, making use of all the digits, for example; 21/05/2002.

It is the most frequently asked for readings in numerology, because it is the easiest and fastest to carry out. It tells of a person’s path through life, and what that person can achieve.

Although, this is the most common reading, it doesn’t make up a full reading. Usually, a reading consisting of four forms does not make up a full reading, because special numerical challenges, that can be manipulated to change what may seem as the fate of someone, is absent.

The life path number is a total of the birth dates, and signifies who an individual was at time of birth, plus the degree of their limitations and potential, in relation to physical abilities, spirituality, emotions.

It is well known in numerology, for instance, that a person assigned the number 3, may be born with exceptional talents and abilities, but may have hard times keeping relationships, because they divert a lot of concern towards their career. This does not mean that, such an individual cannot discover true love, because they can learn to exceed their limitations.

karmic numberThe Karmic Number

This is gotten from the removal of consonants from one’s full name. This number signifies the hopes and fantasies of an individual, and also their fears. It also shows how people see an individual at first contact.

The Soul Urge Number

This is achievable from the full birth name, by use of vowels. This number, tell the true ethics and values of an individual. It is the most spiritual reading that can be done. Most often, it is revealing, because it tells the inner longings of an individual.

The Expression Number

It is derived from all the numbers in the full birth name. It should be known that this does not include nicknames or marriage names. It must be the name one was given at birth, middle names included.
The expression number signifies the talents one would have in their life. It is usually the perfect aspect of an individual, that if the right strings are pulled, it has a tendency to grow.

This can be challenging to some, because they think, these are standards they cannot achieve in their life. They frequently become upset, because they have not achieved that standard. The advantage of this is that it can show one’s ability and also what is achievable.

It is known in numerology, inability to achieve the standards of the expression number, an individual feels unhappy and dissatisfied, no matter the degree of success they achieve in life.

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