Greek Numerology is another class of numerology that has been a subject of research recently.

What varies in this class is the fact that numerology usually refers to divination instead of symbolism. There are four different variants of Greek numerology and these are

  • Lot divination
  • Lucky numbers
  • Psephic techniques
  • Geomantic technique

Lot Divination

This variant of numerology is also referred to as cleromancy and at a time in history it was one of the most commonly practiced systems in the ancient world. Those who engaged in this practice usually had people who were interested throw dice and then pick a random number between one and ten. The selected number is then compared to a list of other values. This practice is what makes up this lass of numerology

Lucky Numbers

This is also referred to as auspicious number and this was also very popular around the same period as divination in the ancient world. In this practice, specific days of the month, months of the year and even hours were thought to be unlucky. Serious things such as healthcare and medicine were even tied to this practice and sometimes patients were not operated on days that were categorized as auspicious.

Psephic Technique

This system is most commonly referred to as gematria and it was created in the second century where it became mainstream in the Greek speaking world. In this practice, letters were also utilized for numbers as every word can stand for a specific number. Additionally, numbers were also used as acronyms. By adding the numerical equivalent of the letters, words could be transformed to numbers and used to analyze the future.

greek numerology

Geomantic Technique

Geomancy is derived from the Latin word “geomantia” and this is also derived from the Greek word that translates to “divination by earth. In Arabic, geomantry is gotten from the word”ilm al raml” and this refers to the science of the sand. Originally, this was developed by making lines of random numbers in the sand via dots. Writers specializing in medieval Europe agree that it was acceptable to draw dots on a piece of paper.

The interpretation of all of this largely depends on the meanings of the figures. Specifically, locations in the tableau and this is strongly linked to the practice of medieval astrology. The difference with astrology is in the fact that it needs no instruments or calculations.

It is vital to understand that the otherwise complicated possibilities that arrive at an outcome for you and your name and this needs to be taken into account when applying for a free numerology calculator.